Grist Slate Tile & Roofing will provide a written description of every project detailing the work to be completed and the materials to be used.

  • Contract details will also stipulate price, detailed scope of work, insurance and WCB numbers.

  • A supervisor will be on-site and available to you throughout the process and after the work is completed.

  • Only top quality products will be used. Grist Slate & Tile Roofing does not use substandard Grades.

  • Quality craftsmanship is guaranteed. All installers are experts whose work exceeds standards.

  • A Manufacturer's Product Warranty will be provided when applicable and protected through adherence to the manufacturer’s
  • installation requirements.
  • Advance payment will be required for special orders or for custom made items only.

  • A grace period will apply before final payment is due to allow for any adjustments necessary.